This year Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend, and in my current location we are having non-stop Snow for more than 48 hours that means I’m enjoying a friendly and openhearted atmosphere with great food.

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2021 In Snow
Collins WeGlobe in Snow

So I woke up today and look through the window I had an amazing view! SNOW EVERYWHERE! For you that don’t know, I’m from Edo State, a state in Southern Nigeria and snow does not exist in my country (haha). So this is why I love to make post about my snow experience, but this is also not the first time I see snow recall I made a thread last year about my first snow experience and this might also be an experience that you might go through I wanted to share with you.

But this is my first Valentine’s Day with snow and I’ll be going out again after this post to play with my female friends and I will show everything for you guys! For now, I will just show you the first photos I took now.

Happy valentine’s day 2021! This is season of love show somebody love today!


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